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“Whenever people ask me how I was able to launch products and scale so quickly, I never forget to mention Calico.”


Sonderhaus, an up-and-coming product brand, faced a significant challenge in scaling its business operations. The brand, known for its gorgeous products and commitment to quality, had ambitions to expand its product range and explore new materials. However, the founder's past experiences and industry anecdotes had instilled a deep fear of the risks associated with finding and working with manufacturers, especially for a growing company.

As the brand ventured into uncharted territory, the task of connecting with manufacturers worldwide became increasingly daunting. Despite spending six months in communication with various suppliers, the Sonderhaus team found themselves overwhelmed by the sheer volume of coordination and due diligence required. This challenge was compounded by their desire to maintain the brand's quality standards while venturing into new product areas.

The Challenge

The primary challenges faced by Sonderhaus included:

  1. Risk of Unreliable Manufacturers: There was a pervasive fear of being cheated, a common occurrence in the industry, which made it difficult to trust new manufacturing partners.
  1. Time-Consuming Communication: Extensive time spent in back-and-forth communication with multiple manufacturers around the globe led to inefficiencies and delays.
  1. Lack of Direction in Expansion: With new ideas for products and materials, Sonderhaus struggled to identify manufacturers who could meet their specific quality and innovation requirements.
  1. Management of Orders and Inventory: Keeping track of various orders and managing inventory levels efficiently was a significant challenge, given the expanding scope of their product line.

The Solution

Sonderhaus's partnership with Calico provided a multifaceted solution to these challenges:

  1. Centralized Platform for Order Tracking: Calico offered a unified platform that enabled Sonderhaus to have a comprehensive overview of past and future products, as well as financials. This system streamlined the process of order management and inventory control.
  1. Quality Manufacturer Connections: Through Calico, Sonderhaus gained access to a network of reliable manufacturers. This network included factories willing to produce smaller batches, aligning with Sonderhaus’s growth and sustainability goals.
  1. Enhanced Trust and Security: The fear of being cheated by manufacturers was mitigated by Calico’s vetted network, providing Sonderhaus with a sense of security and trust in their manufacturing relationships.
  1. Scalability and Flexibility: The ability to connect with manufacturers capable of producing smaller batches gave Sonderhaus the flexibility to experiment with new products and materials without overcommitting resources, which was critical for their sustainable growth.


The partnership with Calico marked a turning point for Sonderhaus, enabling the brand to overcome significant operational hurdles. This collaboration not only streamlined their manufacturing process but also opened avenues for sustainable growth and innovation. Sonderhaus’s experience highlights the importance of strategic partnerships in navigating the complexities of product manufacturing and scaling in a competitive market.

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